FT-86 SF - Race Upgrade for FT86SF Splitter - 2013+ FR-S / BRZ

Race Upgrade for the street front splitter increases downforce and structural rigidity.
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FT-86motorsports's Race Upgrade for the street front splitter increases downforce and structural rigidity. The street front splitter was designed for those who want an aggressive aesthetic upgrade, a more planted feel, and slightly better fuel economy while at highway speeds. However, at 100 MPH and beyond, the splitter begins to see triple digit loads and the necessity to support the leading edge of the splitter begins to become apparent. For reference, at 100 MPH, our CFD analysis showed that the race splitter is being subjected to 150 pounds of downforce, evenly spread across the leading edge of the splitter.

While improving the rigidity of the leading edge of the splitter is enough, we wanted to improve upon our design even further and increase downforce more. With the 8 attached vanes in strategic placement on the splitter, we were able to reduce lift an addition 64% over the street front splitter with a drag penalty of only 5%! These vanes use a basic principle of fluid dynamics (Bernoulli’s Principle) that states as you increase velocity, pressure must decrease. When this reduction in pressure is on the bottom side of the car, downforce is achieved.

Both the vanes and the placement of vanes were tested a multitude of times before we found the winning combination.

Airflow Documentation

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Installation Instructions

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*Please note this is only the upgrade rod supports and related parts. The splitter is not included and is a separate item you will need to already own or purchase with this.

This Part Fits

  • 2013+ Scion FR-S FT-86 SF
  • 2013+ Subaru BRZ FT-86 SF
  • 2013+ Toyota GT-86 FT-86 SF